Friday, June 10, 2005

Zurich's famous clocks and churches
This is what they should rename this city to, given the price of things here and the fact that for some reason the 'z' and 'y' have already traded spots on the keyboard. They can keep the u with the umlats, though. They're kind of fun to make. Anyway, yesterday in Zurich I basically walked around and did some browsing in local stores. Bought some nice Swiss chocolate, looked at some watches WAY out of my price range, and managed to find an all English book store where I bought four new books at great expense.

A funicular up one of the hills in Switzerland
I found a music store and spent a while in there playing on a piano that somehow can play silently and just come through earphones or actually play acoustically (and through the earphones though why you'd want earphones when you can just hear it I don't know). Anyway, I thought that was great. The music stores here are really neat. It gave me an idea for a cool music store If I were ever to open one. Which I'm probably not, so here it is: You walk into the music store, pick up a couple CDs you're thinking about picking up. Then you walk to the bar, order a coffee, tea, or beverage of choice and plunk down the CDs. The guy behind the bar then proceeds to put a copy of the discs into the player which you can listen to at your leisure as you slurp back your drink, or snack, or read a book or whatever. It a cafe where everyone gets their own music, maybe you can share with multiple people if you're sitting at a table, and also talk as the music plays. Then, if you like it you buy the CD. If not, well, you probably had a coffee or snack. And, of course, you can always go in and just buy the CD or whatever. Maybe you get a buck off for a coffee and a CD or something. Who knows. I think it'd be a success though.

I also went glasses shopping for some sunglasses. Which, if I haven't mentioned, I did because EVERYONE here, male or female, young (more so) or old (sometimes) wears big glasses. Aviator style. Or David Beckham's Police line. Or... big. But, again, everything is so pricey here, I think I'll buy some big ones off a street guy and not pay 200 bucks.

Three of the bears adorning the streets
Anyway, Zurich's another city on a river/lake, and I walked down the main commercial street towards the water, passing a gazillion bears that you see in some cities. But way more of them then I've ever seen anywhere. So I walked to the water, along some back streets, and just ambled. It was nice to not really be monument hunting and just walking and shopping. I can't really buy anything because I've no room for it, especially now that I have those books, but it's still nice to look. It's also a good thing I haven't sent my warm clothes home yet, Switzerland is still pretty chilly even in June! I imagine Scandinavia I'll be wanting a real jacket and not just my fleece. Though I can combine the fleece and rain jacket into something close to that.

The streets of Zurich
Now I have to get back to my room and pack my bags so I'm outta here by noon (checkout time). Plus, this "Speck of Gold" song has been on repeat for over an hour and I'm contemplating the demise of these speakers more and more seriously as the minutes pass. Today, off to Bern and then Interlaken. I'll probably use my Eurail pass again today, so I may make some other stops en route as well.

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the_dutch said...

I finally have a free wireless connection (thank you clueless neighbour) so I'll have time to catch up on yr writings. There's a lot to read.

check out the song "Zurich is Stained" by Pavement. That's the only thing I know about the city.

Sounds like you're having fun from my passing glance. I'll write again once it's all absorbed.

Dean said...

I'll be waiting... :)