Bye Bye Berlin

Monday, June 27, 2005

I couldn't bear to miss the zoo
My last day in Berlin was spent largely at the zoo. We tried to get to the Third Reich tour but missed it by a little over five minutes, and the zoo, being right there, was the logical choice. And it turned out to be a good one at that. We had pretty much seen all of Berlin that we were wanting to see, and so the alternative was just to hang out as the Berliners do, in a park with some beer, so I think it was a good choice.

Ooh, ooh, ooh, come to the zoo
The zoo had a really good collection of wild birds and some pandas, bears, monkeys, leopards, and various other animals. The monkeys were misbehaved and tossed various items - thankfully no feces - the bears were also misbehaved in other ways, it seems that there's something in the air here in Berlin. The people are also misbehaved. For the evening, we went out to find a club, after what could easily have been the world's worst, saltiest nachos. It being a Sunday night, however, the club was not meant to be. We ran into three Berlin girls sitting outside and they ended up taking us around to find a place, winding up eventually at the bar and then they at their place eating pasta and chatting. It wasn't what we'd had in mind for the night, but it was a great time.

We got back around sunrise, said goodbye to Simon, and the Mike and I caught a few hours before heading off to Copenhagen. The ride there was pretty interesting. The train actually drives on to a ferry, which I found really cool, and the ferry ried was great. Nice German beer, sunshine, a boat ride, all good. Coming next time, Copenhagen, the untold story: Contiki meet ups, expensive food, and laughter!

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the_dutch said...

Happy Canada Day Dean

Dean said...

I'd wish you the same but... :)

We celebrated with some authentic Crown Royal last night. I have been teaching these Aussies that they must drink after doing Cheers. It's really surprisingly off-putting to see them just put down their glass right after. :)