Moped Mayhem

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Me and My Moped
So I rented myself a moped today. The first place I stopped wouldn't rent me one because I made the mistake of telling him I'd not been on one. The second place gave me a quick primer though and I was off. I've got to say, ripping through the mountainous curvy roads on my little moped was lots of fun.

The first beach I stumbled on
I took off looking for a nice beach after that. I ran across a nice one right off the bat, but the next one I went to was just awesome. It was on a limestone shelf so there were multiple levels, but the bottom was nice sand still an the water was clean and sparkling.

The beach on limestone shelves was great!
I stayed there for a couple hours, going swimming (water's still cold!), reading a bit, and listening to music on the beach. Ahhhh... I also have to tell you that Spain has better beaches than anywhere else in certain fashions. Take that however you want.

The city in the cove
Anyway, I eventually had to glue my eyes back in because my arm looked like it was getting red. And it was. I bought some sunblock since I also noticed that it appeared the majority of my burn had come from the bike and I still wanted to explore more of the island. So equipped, I set off again and covered all sorts of ground. I found a little town tucked in a cove on the cliff and got some nice shots of it and had myself a good old time.

On the way back to San Antoni
Getting back to the hotel I noted I was red in a very weird pattern, it looked like mostly where my backpack was. Anyway, I ate dinner and came here to use the net and meet a Morroccan girl I met last night (I sat with her, the owner of the bar we were at, and the owner of this cafe). And that's when someone pointed out to me that I was red. And I looked again. The white parts are now red, so I'm not sure what'll happen to the red parts. But it's not as bad as it sounds, really, I'm sure I'll be fine.

Anyway, going out again tonight, probably not as late (I'm a little tired) and one more full day here before I go. Talk to you soon!


Anonymous said...

For any Europeans who are reading this, you should know that Dean isn't really Canadian - he's an imposter. He's really from Texas.


Dean said...

Was it the "good old time" that gave me away?

Dave Shishkoff said...

That and your love for cigars. =P