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Sunday, June 05, 2005

Last look at Ibiza
My last day in Ibiza was pretty uneventful. I woke up just early to get my free breakfast and slowly got ready to go to the beach (with lots of sunblock) and return my moped. I stopped by the beach downtown for maybe an hour but it wasn't very nice so I made my way back to the hostel and ran into Hayat (the girl from Morrocco) at the internet cafe en route. We were going to meet up again after work so I took off for the small beach near my hotel and chilled in the room for awhile after that. We did meet up and walked around the town a bit eating ice cream and drinking champagne coolies. OK, so no coolies. I had to get up quite early for the ferry in the morning so I didn't go out but I thought I'd had my share of that in Ibiza anyway.

Las Ramblas
I managed to make it to the bus and ferry with no problems, and spent the day lumbering across the Meditteranean. I got into Barcelona around dinner time and walked to my hostel the long way. Which is to say, taking a left instead of a right and not realizing for about a kilometre. Then, the hostel was NOT on the main street of Las Ramblas, but was actually accessible through a wrought iron gate labelled, thankfully, 42. The hostel does look out over Las Ramblas and is a pretty sweet location if I may say so. Also, the people were super friendly and lots of fun, and while I wasn't up for going out, I did get treated to some Sangrilla and cheap beer, and proceeded to have a really close game of chess with a state champion; As in we each had three pieces left, though he ultimately won by an idiotic mistake.

Park Guell
The next day, I subbed to Park Güell, a park I missed the first time around, designed by Gaudi. It was worth the steep hike to see it, although there were a few working escalators in the middle of the street that helped immensely. As did the water and nectarine that served as my breakfast.

Gaudis Sagrada Familla
From there, I hiked down to Sagrada Familla, also designed by Gaudi, which, though I'd seen before, was worth a second look. Such inspired lunacy. On the way I'd gotten hungry again, but since it's not a walk done by tourists, supermarkets were scarce to say the least. The one I found was another fruit stand, but as I was leaving the guy stopped me and I told him I was too hungry for just fruit. We talked for a little while and all of a sudden he walked to the fridge, pulled out a Fanta, grabbed some cherries, and gave them to me as I left, as a gift because I was a visitor. Very nice.

Spanish Arc of Triumph
Anyway, I walked down past a bull fighting stadium, the Arc of Triumph in Barcelona, and to the old town near the beach. Then I walked along the beach back towards the hostel and to the hostel for a little rest. It was a long walk and nobody could believe it for some reason, I didn't think it was THAT long. Anyway, I went to the train station and reserved a spot on the 8:45 to Montpellier and came back to the hostel and showered.

I went out with some Australians and Americans and a girl from Canada, and we went to a couple bars but they were too full. We ran into some 18 year old girls on the street that kept the younger (but not that young) Aussies entertained and seemed to know a cool club, so we followed them until it became clear we weren't going to be finding anything. Me and three others had finally had enough and split off from the group (they were invited to follow and wanted to but were much too drunk). In the end, we sat in Plaza Real drinking our six pack and sitting in a circle on the ground. Good night!

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