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Friday, June 10, 2005

Beautiful Bern
I left Zurich and stopped in Bern for the day en route to Interlaken. Bern is a beautiful city, the old town is built inbetween a hairpin turn on the river and is surrounded by high hills giving spectacular views of the city from all directions. I got off the train and wandered over past all the cool little fountains they have. The most famous of which is an ogre eating a bunch of children, which is such a great idea for a fountain. A person gets tired of gods and all that other everyday stuff.

Einstein's Kitchen
I headed into the Einstein museum. Bern is where Einstein was living when he had his miracle year in 1905 when he realized four of the theories which have made him as famous as he is, including the famous e=mc^2. The museum is actually in the home he lived in when he came up with it, which was really neat to see. I sat in the chair at his table where he sat and, I don't know, it was just great. I walked up the other side of the river and did manage to get a few nice shots and also see the famous bear pits from which Bern takes its name.

I hung around the city and then I headed off to Interlaken, which would be some interesting times indeed. To be continued...

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