London Ho!

Sunday, May 15, 2005

No, this isn't about some woman in London. Or even a bunch of them. Rather, I've left Inverness and took the train to London. It was about four hours to Edinburgh and another four to London, and the time flew by. A lot of the rail ride was literally at the very edge of the coast and there were too many beautiful views to bother with pictures. I did try on a few occasions, but it wasn't pretty. I got to reading my Lonely Planet a bit, and also my Star Wars novel that I brought it along. A new one by Timothy Zahn. The sooner I finish it, the sooner my backpack is a little less crammed. I'm thinking of sending some stuff home, but we'll see. I have too much, that is clear. Packing to get out is a big headache. I really haven't found use for the sleeping bag yet, for example.

Anyway, train to London, arrived King's Cross about 10:30 Sunday night, and found that some of the lines were already shut down for the night. It wasn't too big a deal to catch another one to my hostel in Earl's Court, but it would be nice if there were something other than word of mouth posted about this. I made a passing joke about it to a girl standing beside me and got completely ignored. I felt like telling her that I certainly wasn't talking to her because I thought she was attractive in any way. If there were any ulterior motive, it might've been pity. But really, I was just being friendly. So she can be the London ho, I guess.
For now at any rate.

Train to London
I got to the hostel and checked in no problems. I'm in a room four flights up, which is how I will maintain my robust physique. That and little chocolate muffins. I'm rooming with four guys from Australia (sorry, that should be 'stralia). Four quite loud guys. Two of whom I interrupted on their last night with some Canadian women by sheer virtue of being in the room when they came in from the bar. I offered to leave for a little bit but once they came in, there really was no way to extricate myself. So I'm sure they love me. Though they certainly seem nice enough and probably a lot of fun, too. They just don't sleep is all. I had to plug in my iPod. Oh, and I'm pretty sure that one of the guys did sound effects for Jurassic Park. You should hear this man snore. It's unlike anything you've ever heard. Sporadic and then roaring. But that's it for today. Tomorrow... the Star Wars premiere.


Anonymous said...

Hey there Deaner. I'm just catching up on your blog and sounds like you are have a good time. I'm really surprise that those Aussies didn't ask you to join in. Oh well. I'm fine. Started work back on the 11th with a raise and it looks like it will be one busy summer. Anyways, I'll send you a personal email with the rest of my doings. Don't need to let the whole world to know of my adventures. Talk to you later.

Dean said...

"Don't need to let the whole world know of my adventures"

What are you implying?! :) Just kidding, got your email and will be replying soon. Thanks for reading!