Day 1/2/3: Arrived

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

The plane to Toronto
Well, it's really day one, but it started yesterday. Yesterday at 8 AM. It's now today at 1 PM. And I really didn't get any sleep the night before. So three days. I thought for sure I'd sleep on the plane, but nope, I sat there with my eyes closed, and that was as close as it got. I must be congested badly because it felt like the blood vessels in my eye were going to explode on each landing.

The family at the airport
Anyway, it's only noon here (5:30 AM back home I think) and I've got a day of exploring Edinburgh ahead of me. I'm not sure yet what I'm doing tomorrow. After seeing how beautiful Scotland looked from the air, I've pretty much decided that I want to see the north before I go down to London, but I'm probably meeting Andy (from FB.Net) tomorrow for a pint, so we'll see...
Edinburgh, incidentally, is beautiful, really a gem. Castles and mountains and old stone buildings, immaculately clean, it's one of the nicest European cities I've been to. We'll see if that holds up once I start exploring a little more.

Well, I'm off. It still hasn't sunk in that I'm here and not going to be home for sometime, and I'm starting to get scared that it might never really sink in. Or it might take a few more days to get used to the idea. And some sleep. Speaking of which, I'm at Brodies' on High Street for anyone wanting to keep tabs. 9 pounds/night, seems pretty nice even if I do room with 12 people. :)

OK, now I'm REALLY off. I'll have pictures and stuff when I have more than just a few to upload, probably I'll do that from London.



Anonymous said...

Hey Costa,
Glad you made it and found a place to stay. Look forward to you next update. Let the adventure begin.

Dean said...

Aw, that's too bad Darren. Good of you to pop by anyway. :)

I can't believe John had to bite the bullet and read my blog. :P Let the adventure begin indeed.

Tomorrow I'm probably going to head up to the highlands and see if I can't find me the Loch Ness monster, or a least Willy's hometown.

I'll update again when I get back from that. Weather's nice here, but colder than both a witch's teat and a Glasgow winter. Even though it's spring in Glasgow.

Talk to you in a few days.

the_dutch said...

Enjoy EdinbuRAH buddy!