Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Yesterday and today, I'm just basically kicking around London. I strolled through Covent Garden, Chinatown, Soho, Oxford, and that general area yesterday, which was kind of nice. Just walking around without any real itinerary. Today, I'm off to see some of the museums and touristy stuff and then I'll probably go out to a club tonight.

I haven't taken a single photo since last time because, well, I already took most of the photos I wanted to here a few years ago. It's familiar here which means that things like the "Look Left" painted at crosswalks aren't quite so picture-worthy. Not that I'm complaining, but I AM looking forward to seeing some new things.

I've discovered that instead of giving discounts for filling seats on empty trains/planes/etc, they like to call it "last minute" and charge extra. So I've started trying to book ahead a little. I was looking at the cost of getting to Paris from London, but it's quite expensive. In fact, it was so expensive that I took another look and, bearing in mind that I want to see new things as well, found a cheap flight to Porto,Portugal instead. So that's my next stop. I also booked a cheap hotel for €20 there since the hostels I called were booked. I may look around and see if there's something cheaper, but I get in at 10 PM, so probably not.

Anyway, what else? Well, aside from walking yesterday, I had my first restaurant meal in a while, since I wasn't really feeling that great. It was basically mini ravioli in a clear chicken-based (I think) soup, but actually tasted better than it sounds, and it was only £3. Which may or may not be sarcastic, I'm not sure. I booked a spot at Les Miserables as well from a discount vendor, which was, really, a terrific seat in what they call "dress circle" here, or grand circle back home. And it was a fantastic performance worth every penny. I sat by an old couple from Denver who were very friendly and I met a guy and his girlfriend from Kalamata in the row ahead of me, who told me to look them up when I visit.

While I was waiting for the show, I sat in a pub and had a Guiness and some fish & chips. It was quite tasty, and I have to say that brown sauce and fries = yum. Anyway, I'm off to continue exploring London, I'll probably report back after Revenge of the Sith tomorrow night. Hope you guys enjoy it over there. I've got the soundtrack on my iPod and am loving every minute of it.


Anonymous said...

hey dean what did you spend the five dollars on are we sending you too much e-mails at a time or do you like it? where are you staying how many times have you phoned because i haven't talked to you yet.are there big huge statues at the muesuem? do i ask too many questions? oops theat was just a quetion wasn't it. Track and field is on may 27 so i can't do much because i want to stretch because i am a really slow runner. mom i working t te aces and i told her to stop the tmer early for me. well luv ya miss ya buy.

Dean said...

No, no, I love the little messages. You should get Nicole or Larissa to show you how to email me though!

I spent your $5 on seeing Star Wars, thank you! :) I was going to take a picture of me spending it for you, but we had to change the money into pounds (£). That's what they use over here.

There were a few statues but mostly paintings. Lots of famous ones. You're a slow runner?! That's okay, it runs in the family.

Anyway, miss you too, you're too funny. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

hello dean Slow running runs in the family? Wel then how come you can run so fast? and i know how to e-mail you i just like your site better because it tells us what your doing. Is youre-mail still dkatsiris@shaw.ca because i will try it ok what do you wish me good luck on? nicole got some spaghetti sauce on her keys. Oh and sorry if you couldn't read my message i guess that i wanted to talk to you so bad i forgot to put a r in races or s in is or a in at and you know what i mean. me and daddy might run into you at greece or maybe daddy and larissa or maybe just daddy will run into you what does :) mean. is it suppose to be a smiley face ? i got gold on my duet at dane power it was really fun there. Uncle Russ Uncle David Justin tristan and cortlyn saw star wars too. yesterday grandma came and aunty carolyn and tristan and justin and uncle david came into into town well love you loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooots bye. Mariah

Dean said...

Hahaha, that´s OK Mariah, I could understand you even with missing letters (and punctuation). :)
Oh yeah, :) means smiley face, it´s sideways. And the good luck was for track and field.

Maybe I will see you guys in Greece, who knows? Anyway, I´m glad I got to talk to you yesterday, and that's awesome you're doing so well with dancing. You & Larissa got all the talent in that, I think.

Love you too, talk to you soon.

Anonymous said...

hi dean you have to send me more information you know.I got part of the rocket team at school and we get to build some real rocket ships. i saw kicking and screaming it was totally sweet and me and nicole bought a craft and it's name is Liquid Candles it comes wiith seashells :). mom and dad are super emotional they were crying on a part that wasn't evn sad. me and larissa thought it was so boring and i said i was going to watch toy story 2 then daddy said no you arent. And we had a bar-B-Q we had hot dogs and cheese burgers. and the day we had the bar-B-Q i was jumping on the trampoline daddy came and jumped on it an i went flying :).itwas awesome!!!! me and nicole are going to the pacifier except we might be 5-7 minutes late :(. even though we both saw it already. so make sure that you phone soon ok luv ya soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much alot:) i'm serious ok love you bye MARIAH wEEEEEE

Dean said...

MORE information?! Like what?! You want rocket plans or something? :)

I haven't heard of kicking & screaming. You say it's sweet but then you say it's boring. I'm so confused!

The bbq sounds soooo good and I think that Pacifier will probably be funny, let me know if you like it.

Gotta run! Miss you too.

Anonymous said...

hello dean i saw the pacifier twice it was sweet and it was not boring and i mean it. that still wasn't enough informatian and no i don't mean rocket plans i mean like uhhh you know when you told me that i had to write you alot well now i'm tellin you so send me a bazillion cazillion affinady letters ok ok i gotta go ok k ok oh uhh mom is bringing home chinese food tody. ok uhh k bye.

larissa said...

Hey Dean...
Mariah was saying ^^^ that she liked the Pacifier and Kicking & Screaming. We all watched Roommates though, and that's what she thought was bOrInG! lol. Anyways, how's it going? I'll make this short cause I'll be sending you an e-mail tomorrow. Take care. Love you. Bye

Dean said...

Yikes! More information...

Well, today I don't have a hotel, I'm sleeping on the train that takes me from Portugal to Spain. All I've been doing is walking around and looking at stuff, and I just got an email saying that the place I was going to stay in Madrid is full, so now I have to find somewhere else. This means I need to start booking ahead, which is silly! I like not knowing where I'm going. But I want to stay in hostels because that's where you meet people. Grrr.

I might go to some Spanish islands for a few days to have a change of pace, but probably they'll all be booked up too. This is why I need a phone, so I can start booking things. It's not much fun to do at a phone booth.

The food here is pretty different, I'm looking forward to Spain where I'll at least know what to expect a little.

Anyway, that better be enough, because I don't have much other boring stuff left to tell. :)