Norway, Jose

Saturday, July 02, 2005

We left early in the morning for a loooooong trek to Oslo. Or it felt long at the time. It turns out that once you've done the Contiki marathon through the north, the trip to Oslo is like a run to the convenience store for a really, really, REALLY quick snack. But more on that (and the whole Jose thing) in a later post...

The Coach trip of DOOM
That said, the trip was a little longer than it needed to be as I was having a particularly stupid day. The food spilling madness started with my salad dropping from the shelf and splattering all over the floor of the bus. The saving grace was that I had bought plenty of other snacks for the next few days. Then, at lunch, I left the bag of ham on my fleece during our picnic, which, of course, leaked ham juicy goodness all over it. Finally, we got back on the bus and all this spillery had developed quite a thirst, so I cracked open my giant bottle of water. Only to find it foam all over me and the bus floor again. For those who haven't done much European travel, for some reason, soda water is as popular here as water water. And if you forget yourself, you can end up with a nice, big, expensive bottle of it. Which you couldn't drink even if you wanted to because it was shaken and ended up making you look like you'd suffered from a severe bout of coachophobia (i.e. all over the pants).

I was surrogate leader of our tribe with Sarah
Anyway, since it was a bit of a trip, we didn't really stop anywhere of note. Which isn't really true, because we did try to picnic at one choice spot on a beautiful (sacred, even) lake but were chased off the spot whilst in the coach by a certifiably insane (honestly) psychopath (I know, redundant) of, and I quote, "Epical proportions". She almost frothed at the mouth and certainly was angry that we had driven near her little stand. Aside from that and swapping iPods with Catherine, who has delightful musical taste, nothing of note, but that doesn't mean the day was a waste... au contraire, mes amis. The evening would prove to be one of the 7 Social Highlights of the Modern World, with the commencement of The Viking Games (tm)! The Viking Games basically consist of us dividing into four teams, developing a history, a chant, and donning full viking gear. Sounds crazy, no? But in our little village outside of Oslo, you might say that everyone of us is a Viking on the Roof, trying to cleave a peasant's simple head without breaking his neck. Our chant:

We are, we are, we are The Children of The Sacred Lake
We can, we can, we can demolish vikings real and fake.
We'll rape and steal your treasures at will, we'll burn your houses down
So get off our lake 'fore it's too late, you'll never be seen again. Rah!

Chad and Marty, Tour Manager and Driver, demonstrate the other meaning of their titles
The games consisted of relays, pudding eating, bizarre beer up/down pants games, and running around a pole until you get dizzy and then attempting to sprint, punctuated by some fine punch and an egg throw. We had a campfire that night and the group really began to click a little more this evening, some more than others...

Vikings around the campfire
Some also drank more than others, and I ended up helping Naomi with a little bit of relieving action and then helping Melissa track down Danielle which actually culminated in a nice walk through the surrounding woods at 1 AM in the rather light dusk. Darren, who also thought I wasn't doing so great (though I was fine) also tracked me down and gave me two water bottles. A "topis blokis" if I may quote him. And even if I may not.

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