Stage 7

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

After my long-winded and underwhelming attempt at conveying the immense gaming experience from Sid Meier's Pirates!, I think that a slightly shorter post might be in order. It's looking more and more like I'll be heading for Europe this July. I have to start researching and deciding where exactly I want to hit. I had thought I'd go see Scandinavia and Russia and then pop down to France, but France is anything but a 'pop' away from Russia. That said, who hasn't wanted to visit Belarus, Estonia, Latvia, and various other spy havens of the world? Now I think it might make more sense to start in France and go up to the UK and around. If I'm going to see Scandinavia anyway, I definitely want to get north of the Arctic Circle, since I've never gotten around to doing that here in Canada. Should be pretty wild to have the sun up past midnight or maybe even never setting. Other than seeing a few places I missed last trip through Europe, and revisiting a few places I wanted to spend longer at - concluding, hopefully, with a little bit of living in Greece - I'm not too picky about where I go or how long I'm there. It sounds like they won't let me stay in Greece for more than 3 months without joining the army - maybe it'd be worth it just to get into shape.

For the moment, however, I've got bigger problems. And I mean big. But I think you can help me. Just visit this website. I got as far as Stage 7, but I'm completely stumped now. Give it a try! Be sure to leave a comment if you get past me.

Riveting Update: Dave helped me pass stage 7 and then we worked together to finish the other 15. Yeah!

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