Saskatchewan: For Rent

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

For Rent - Saskatchewan. 1 million people OBO
Just a quick heads up that if you're looking for a place to rent (anywhere in Saskatchewan) or are looking at renting out your place, a friend of mine has started a new website to help you out. The site is and he's letting people use it completely free for a few months, so I thought that someone that comes by here might be interested. If you have any feedback, I'm sure he'd also be very interested in hearing it since he's looking to make it a great site. He just launched it last week, so keep checking back as people find out and start really pouring in their properties.

This shameless promotion brings me no income or anything, but he's my friend and I'd like to see him do well (plus it's free). Don't worry, when YOU try to start a business, I'll help you out too.

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