May the 4th Be With You

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

So, as some of you doubtless know and more of you likely don't, I'm going to Europe this summer. The plan was to hang around until the end of June for Larissa's grad, but I sat down last week with my book trying to squeeze in my itinerary and arrive in Greece in time to enjoy the summer/potentially find some work during the tourist season and realized there's no way it's feasible. So either I had to axe the Europe part and focus on Greece or I had to leave earlier.

So, unfortunately, I will miss Larissa's grad. I've not got my tickets yet, but the two candidates are May 4 and May 10, depending on whether or not I stop at Iceland. I talked to the travel agency today and it seems like stopping over in Rejkyavik is not exactly convenient, so I'm not sure about that yet.

Also, that's coming up crazy fast in either case, and I now realize I have a LOT of stuff to get done before then, at work, at the restaurant, and at home. One of those things is this webpage so it's easier to update from wherever I may be, which is why this blog is sort of vacant at the moment. When I'm over there, I expect this will be the place I keep in touch with home.

Anyway, there is some exciting news out of this. Thanks in large part to Tre over in the UK (I owe her BIG time!), I was able to get myself a ticket... to Star Wars ... on OPENING NIGHT... at the LEICESTER SQUARE ODEON!!!!!!!!!! Yeah. For those shaking their heads in puzzlement, I should explain that this is THE premiere cinema in London, and is second in the world only to the Chinese Theatre in Hollywood. Likely George Lucas and others involved in the movie will be at this theatre to see the show. And I'll be there for the opening night evening show!!! Thursday May 19th.

I'll continue this later, I've got company here, but needless to say I'm excited! Europe, Star Wars, and a Futureheads show coming up very quickly. It's gonna' be a heck of a spring!


the_dutch said...

Whoa, May 4th!!!

I had no idea. I left a message on the forum about our potential last gig. I wonder what day Brett gets back in April. My last final is on the 23rd and I don't think I would like a show before that but could squeeze in some practice.

Anonymous said...

hey,dean how is london how are you, i'm doing great. on tuesday ( the day you left saskatoon) mom didn't drive me to school until lunch. Did you meet some new people did you make any friends does anyone speak french or spanish can you understand anyone. Did you spend the five dollars?
do you miss Athena's food yet? do you miss sleepin in your bed? we miss your piano playin already. miss you a bunch mariah. p.s everyone else misses you too!!!!!!!!!!