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Sunday, January 02, 2005

We're two days into 2005 and I haven't figured out what I'm shooting for this year. You know, the New Year's resolution and all. I don't really believe in them to the extent that I think a person should always be on the lookout for things they can do to improve themselves and their life, but I like to know where I'm going or what I'm after.

As far as self-improvement goes, I think that I want to be a bit more outgoing than I am. I also have more work to do in relaxing my ridiculous standards and trying not to take myself too seriously. And, of course, a healthy dose of physical activity for at least a couple months. We should be moving the treadmill soon, so I can get some cardio in and then maybe the weights at the gym would be enough to make a noticable difference.

That's the easy stuff (to aim for, not necessarily achieve). But what about my overall plan, ambitions for the year, and so on. What do I want to have done? I want us to have recorded a CD. I know I want to go to Europe and live there for awhile, if for no other reason then to help with the aforementioned self-improvement (anonymity makes change a little easier - a watched pot and all that). I also would like to learn Greek (living and working in Greece should help that), become more independant, and, the more I think about it, the more I'd like to also learn French. I occasionally think that politics might be something worth putting some time into.

Unfortunately, this year's not so great for getting away as Larissa graduates from high school, I really should get at least two years of experience (this happens in May) and, for my geeky side, I'd kinda' like to be here for the final Star Wars, too (though this obviously isn't the deal breaker). I could leave in July, I suppose, and have all that stuff taken care of, but I imagine that it'll be pretty hard to find work in the summer and in the fall when things slow down, it might even be more difficult. But as far as being able to get away, this might be the best opportunity.

I suppose, re-reading this, I do know what I want to get done this year. I'm just not sure about how or when. But if I knew that, what fun would it be?

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