Clark Kent Syndrome?

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

I recently got glasses. As in, less than a week ago. Years and years of computer use have finally made me a bit nearsighted. The funny thing is, I don't think I need them. First of all, the only reason I went to the optometrist is because I sometimes get very sore eyes from work and my monitor. These glasses are for far away and she even recommended that I not use them at work. But although they do sharpen up stuff far away, it's not like I'm ever reading things at that distance anyway.

I have noticed that when I first wake up my eyes are quite a bit more blurry than a little later in the day, and this was how my eyes felt during my eye test. I wonder if perhaps I should get them checked when I'm not fresh out of bed and have just come back from New York and not sleeping for more than 5 hours a night.

The biggest fear, aside from inconvenience and worse still, increased dependence, is obviously of vanity. I've never been able to pull of glasses of any sort (nor hats, but that's a blog for another day). And now I have these things that are supposed to be on my face every time I hop in a car at the very least. Will this further entrench my singledom? Is my non-geek facade (yes, just facade) dead? Will my laugh be forever and inexplicably altered, perhaps to include a snort or incorporate more of a chortle? Stay tuned...

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