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Monday, January 17, 2005

Well, on the personal front, we now have a show at Amigos (Fri Jan 21) and at Seedy's in Edmonton on the 22nd, so lots of time has been going into that. The week was pretty uneventful as usual. Aside from band practices, there's not much going on with me right now, which is okay because it's fricking freezing. Nothing like -52 with the windchill. That was Friday, and I cleverly stayed home and read The DaVinci Code. Saturday I went to get my tires checked/replaced as needed because I had a whole in the sidewall (or so Acura informed me on Friday). KalTire took care of it for me under warranty, no charge, though I don't know how fond I am of a tire that has a whole in the sidewall after 6 months. I stopped at the mall for awhile and grabbed a bite, but didn't buy anything.

John & I went and saw The Life Aquatic that night. I was surprisingly late and so I sprinted to the theatre, where, luckily, John had bought my ticket. We got our popcorn and got into the movie a few minutes after it had started, and as I went to take my glasses (which I hooked around the zipper/collar of my jacket (it wasn't done all the way up)), I realized I'd lost my glasses. Which I got like three weeks ago. And spent a lot of money on, not to mention time picking out. So I left the theatre and scoured the hallways and even asked at Rainbow & Centre again if they'd seen any. Nope.

So I wasn't able to fully enjoy the movie because that was on my mind, but it was pretty funny nonetheless. Very subtle humour, like Rushmore, I found myself laughing more than almost anyone save John, who laughs at everything. Which, I suspect, is why we get along. I did think that the character development was a little lacking as I felt no sympathy for Steve "New to fatherhood" Zissou, no loss when a certain character dies, nothing (just surprise that he/she'd died for what appeared to be no reason). So in this respect, I'd say that this particular movie falters in comparison with earlier movies Wes Anderson has done.

Mike hadn't called by this point and I had to eat so we went for drinks at Athena and scavenged leftovers from a neighbouring table (whom I knew, so it's not as bad as it sounds). I also ordered perogy nachos and left a 'leftover' to give back to them. We had a few pints and decided we didn't feel like sitting at a concert with bands we weren't really THAT interested in seeing. So we rented Amelie and State & Main and watched Amelie, which was maybe even better the second time around. Audrey Tautou is awesome, and it's just such a funny movie. If you haven't seen this movie, go rent it now.

The next day I went and got my tires fixed and aside from a brief interlude at the mall to look for a new book and grab a snack, I continued reading and finished The DaVinci Code. This has to have been one of the best books I've read in a long time, despite the hype. The historical tie ins, the conspiracy theories, and fictional adventure blend seamlessly to make for an incredible read that you will be hard pressed to equal in any other modern novel. It is an instant classic in every sense imaginable. I may pick up another book by Dan Brown to see if this was a one-time success, which I imagine it is. I can't imagine he's been writing other books of this quality that have gone unnoticed, so I'm a little scared, but we'll see. In short, if you haven't read this book, go pick up the illustrated edition. You won't be disappointed.

I guess I love books that tie together theories, fact, and fiction. Not that it's anywhere near being in the same class, but I remember really enjoying Clive Cussler's Atlantis Found for a similar reason. You learn a little about theories, history, and do so through a compelling (or certainly entertaining) story. I know that Clive Cussler (like Stephen King and his ilk) is mass produced dreck, but darn it, Atlantis Found was still enjoyable in spite of that. If you have any books of a similar bent to recommend, please do! (just leave a comment). That's where I'll leave you today.

Incidentally, I did find my glasses after the movie - we backtracked again and I remembered being cut off by a woman with a cart and asked the coffee shop cashier if she had found some glasses.

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