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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Matthew Vincent teaches the PRP Song to others
Those of you religiously following my rather short list of friends on the left, ever vigilent because my selectiveness ensures top quality, or perhaps as a pick me up on a slow comedic day where laughing at others' lack of friends makes you feel good about yourself, will notice that I've added someone named Derek to the list. He's a fellow contributor to the Frank Black website I run, and has a great site of his own you should definitely check out. Particularly, there are some really excellent videos he's done, like the one I have linked above, called The PRP Song. It reminds me of stories Mike used to tell me about working at Staples, and I'm sure anyone who has ever worked retail will enjoy it. It echos strongly of Ricky Gervais and, well, you're going to have to like it. There are other videos and some cool photos too, pop on by.


Simone said...

Ooh, put me on!

Anonymous said...

The rebel (played by Matt) in the film told me after we recorded it that he was going for the Ricky Gervais thing. I still haven't seen the British Office. I downloaded his 2 free podcasts on iTunes and those made me laugh.

Thanks for the link! Don't except this to get you FB tabs any faster(man raiderman) when it is released!