A Winter For All Seasoned

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Laying in the snow
Aside from my little whirlwind trip to Las Vegas, life has been pretty normal around here. I'm behind in my website stuff, I'm behind in my reading, projects, shaving. The usual. That's why it's nice to celebrate winter a little bit - there's nothing much unusual to do, otherwise. Now, perhaps some of you, especially on the other side of the world, if I still have anyone reading from over there, think it crazy to venture into sub-zero temperatures for no reason other than to be outside. Perhaps. But winter's a part of life here in Saskatchewan, so we might as well have some fun with it!

Skiing is lots of fun too
Generally, when we used to have running skidoos, or rather, snowmobiles, that was a staple of a healthy winter diet. We have these little Yamaha Snowscoots that aren't very powerful but are a lot of fun in the snow, just enough power to zip along and just shy a bit that it can require talent and weight to not get stuck. Of course, if you do get stuck, they're light enough that it's no big deal. Usually. Other winter fun revolves around skiing, whether downhill or cross country. Neither of my skis for either fit me any longer, and while I did plan to go to Blackstrap - a manmade hill built to bring downhill skiing to Saskatoon and allow us to host the Jeux Canada Games (NOTE: Contrary to the urban myth, Blackstrap is NOT built out of garbage) - the weather didn't cooperate. Which was too bad, because as you can probably guess from that photo, there was plenty of powder.

Toboggan Jumping Madness
Thankfully, John came to the rescue with a tobogganing party. In fact, two of them. It was in the valley behind his house, and we dug out trails, built jumps, and also attempted a bobsled track. Both were a lot of fun. The jumps were great and the weather was beautiful. The first one I brought out my sister, little cousin, and camera, so you can see for yourself. Afterwards, there was hot chocolate and marshmallows, and John did up some hot dogs. The second party was fun too, no younger ones or cameras, and Dan, Amanada, Trinity, and Sheri came out too. The sky was perfect, you could see tonnes of stars, and over the rise on the other side of the valley, lights from the nearby potash mine lit the sky like northern lights.

Hot Chocolate is Served
Anyway, there's may not be much going on here, but the weather has been pretty great most of this winter, and now things are warming up to the point that a jacket is optional for some brief outdoor stuff. If nothing else, the sun is shining, spring is coming, and I think most of us here are looking forward to that. Now, without further ado, photos from the great toboggan party of '06.

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