Christmas in Moose Jaw

Sunday, December 26, 2004

In everyone's list of things they'd like to be doing over Christmas, spending the day in Moose Jaw usually appears on the top 20. So I was quite delighted to discover that we would be spending Christmas Day there this year. Not only could I cross New York off the list this year, but Moose Jaw!

We drove down around 2:00 in the fresh snow and sunny skies. Mariah and Larissa watched Cat in the Hat (I wish that we'd had in-car movies when I was young... I have this image of myself as an old man telling my grandchildren about this game we used to play in the car called "Eye Spy" or perhaps the timeless classic "Quiet Contest"). Nicole listened to her music, if you can use such a term for her particular tastes. I also listened to some tunes and finally finished Pattern Recognition (which I'd started en route to New York).

To say it was a nice dinner would be an understatement
I should say, having given you a chance to digest my sarcasm, that being in Moose Jaw didn't really matter, since we were just in a hall with the family anyway and we could've been anywhere for all it mattered. It was a nice Christmas, and, as you can tell, a great dinner.

The Christmas box was a bit of a flop as there really weren't enough people participating, but we played quite a few rounds of a game called Catch Phrase, which was actually a lot of fun. I think everyone enjoyed it quite a bit. In the end, we drove home in the falling snow and were quite happy to be back

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