David Brent Applies to Microsoft

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Ricky Gervais helps out with training at Microsoft
Somehow, in my travels across the net, I came across these gems from the ever-funny Ricky Gervais, reprising his role as The Office's David Brent. He and Stephen Merchant were asked to do a training video for Microsoft's UK office, and get them while they're hot - apparently Microsoft already asked YouTube to take it down. It might be a PR nightmare for them to ask Google to do the same since the two companies are rivals, but you never know. Anyway, you'll definitely want to check these out - maybe fire up a bowl of popcorn, pop open a nice cold can of Coke, turn down the lights, lean back in your chair, and enjoy. It's about 40 minutes of hilarity - especially part 2.

Here's an excerpt, Stephen Merchant as the host and Ricky Gervais as David Brent:

Host: David, if you'll allow me, I'd just like to try and turn the tables for a moment. Umm... imagine I'm giving you an appraisal - I know you don't actually work here at the company -

David Brent: Either way.

H: Well, you don't work here, but I'm sure there are many similarities between what you do and what we do. Can I ask you, what would you consider to be your strengths?

DB: Uh... ooh... strengths include but are not limited to the way I always set out each day to seek perfection, ummm, achieve perfection, and maintain perfection.

H: [nods, throws hands up] You're perfect.

DB: Ooh, can I quote you on that? [laughs] "David Brent perfect" - Head of Microsoft. Good, look good on a CV.

H: I'm not, I'm not the head of Microsoft and I didn't say you're perfect.

DB: [points at camera] Well you, play the tape back, you did. Ss..

H: Not really, ... [gives up] Well, alright, well, we've analyzed your strengths, and you're perfect ...

DB: Ooh!

H: ... apparently. Any point in asking you about weaknesses?

DB: You can ask me.

H: [shortly] Any weaknesses?

DB: Uhhh...