Dynamite Dean Lives Again!

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Dynamite Dean and the Formidable Pylons
It was a very tough battle, but thankfully after my one-year absence, Dynamite Dean and the Formidable Pylons are once again intimidating lesser pylons and soccer balls for profit. This is a co-ed rec league team, which in my opinion is the best way to have fun playing sports. No need to be good, no need to get stressed, just get out on the field, have some fun, run around, and if we win, great. If we lose but have fun, great. I'm telling you this in part because I'm excited to reincarnate the team and in part because perhaps someone from Saskatoon will read and be interested in joining. Soccer experience/skill not required, and I really need female players especially. In any case, it should be a fun season, there are a lot of teams this year! Hope to see you out on the fields, and here's the schedule for those interested (just leave me a comment here or email me). If you scroll down to the calendar on the left side of the page you'll also see that I've entered all the games in there.

Every game is on a Thursday night:
June 8 - 6:00/Field 4 vs. VIDO
June 15 - 7:00/Field 4 vs. Brokeback Mountaineers
June 22 - 6:00/Field 3 vs. Quantum Tunnelers
June 29 - 7:00/Field 3 vs. Team Chuck Norris
July 6 - 8:00/Field 3 vs. The Chernozems
July 13 - 6:00/Field 3 vs. Hanso Foundation
July 20 - 6:00/Field 4 vs. Four
July 27 - 7:00/Field 3 vs. Agent Orange
Aug 3 - 7:00/Field 4 vs. PSA
Aug 10 - 6:00/Field 4 vs. VIDO

Fields 3 and 4 are at the corner of Cumberland Ave and College Drive, Field 4 being on the west/closest to Dairy Queen, Field 3 on the east.

For game rules, please kick here: Summer Soccer Rules

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Simone said...

Laughable though the idea of Canadians playing football is, best of luck. But really, that's not a good name for a football team. Saskatoon Albion maybe; Real Saskatchawan.